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Why Are We ‘HAWKEYE’ ?


›– NDT & Vision –‹

The science of Non-Destructive Testing is about “seeing” defects and faults in materials by examining the material in a method that does not harm the item.

Basically, NDT is all about seeing what cannot be seen by the naked human eye.

 Raptors have long been known for having excellent eyesight.

Combine the superior vision of a raptor and the personal history of our lead inspector and our name makes complete sense.

›– WldFalcon –‹

Our Founding Inspector was once active duty in the as

  and Combat Engineer before he entered the world of Non-Destructive Testing.

 The mission titles our lead inspector was tasked consistently included raptors as part of their identification and name.

Raptors permeated our lead inspector’s life, from being to briefly “fly” like a raptor, when he was a paratrooper jumping out of planes while with the 82nd Airborne Divison, to our primary inspector’s personal handle being “WLDFALCON” (Wild Falcon) while active duty and even into mission titles serving in combat deployments.

Combine the excellent visual acuity of raptors his personal call sign, missions, jumping out of planes and briefly “flying”  and it was easy to “see” how we wound up choosing our business’ name.


“Inspection With Integrity”