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Hawkeye NDT Services Gives Back to Our Communities

Hawkeye NDT Services has happily provided relief to multiple charities since we “hatched” in 2016. Long before we were Hawkeye we were individuals who served in the U.S Military and even in U.N Refugee rescue operations. We saw first hand the horrors of war. We knew that even when we left those lives we would always live lifetime of continuing to be of service.

It took time from our lives-to mentor teens, coach local sports, tutor and spend time with autistic children. NEVER was our giving dependant on finances. It was having the sight of a Hawk; to take a deeper look and give what was needed. Usually, it was simply being there for a person who needed to be heard.

From donating to adopting from CWA, Central Wyoming Aviary in Riverton WY, to providing the Colorado National Guard over 50 full Thanksgiving Meals, or , even providing Colorado Emergency Service Providers with free Mental Health Services, and the past 2 years stepping up to not forget our First Nation People with funds for water and heat to survive Covid. We chose to give to the NavahoTribes of AZ, NM, AND even far up..out of mind.. to Tribal Nations of the Northern Territories of CANADA.

Hawkeye NDT Services continues to provide emergency assistance to our local communities and to other individuals often overlooked and not seen. HAVING the sight of a Hawk is more than extreme attention and visual acuity.

This vision grants us a grace to apply what we see and our flight takes us up high and higher into action.

TRUSTING the wind to lift us higher ..in order to see where we can become the next delivery of goodness is part of what Hawkeye NDT Services built upon.

HAWKEYE NDT Services is the best provider in modern inspection, unwavering professionalism,current technologies, and staffed with honorable custom built to suit your teams specific needs.

YES, WE donate to the food banks, we have helped pay for funerals. We do not leave our veterans behind; more so… we DO NOT LEAVE their children forgotten.

Now, the next time when you’re making a choice of what NDT Inspection Company to hire- Know that we ARE the quality you need in service qnd the people you will enjoy having at your shop. We will be the best at risk elimination as our team comes from a different set of values.

We are the ones who have your 6.

Hire Hawkeye and get your Q/A, Risk Management and inspection standards met and fufilled with integrity.

These are trying times for all of us. Even so, we at Hawkeye will continue to contribute to situations of dire need in the active hope and tactical remedy that we can be the good in the world we strive to be. Hire Hawkeye and know you hire the best in service and in people.

” Inspection With Integrity” is not just a motto: It is Hawkeye.

One kind action, one kind word, one smile, especially one shared meal can save more than a life … and at Hawkeye NDT Services we live with the consciousness that we can be a blessing shared with all and any of our successes.

Make a positive difference in improving your quality of services provided by having Hawkeye NDT Services cover your 6.